Building a foundation for life-long learning

Stellar Learning Academy is an Applied Scholastics™ private school
Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, using Study
Technology.  Students for the first time are learning HOW to learn. Our high school paper writing service helps with additional consultations & advice, and also gives an option to ask for factual editing for your future projects.  

Small classes
Tailored individual student programs
Challenging Curriculum
One-on-one help from teachers
Overcome study barriers
Raise reading levels
Outstanding improvement in math
Field Trips
The Classroom
Each student learns on a gradient set by their teacher
as well as at a pace that they determine. The student is
able to spend more time on subjects they find difficult
and speed through subjects they find easier.
The staff oversee the classroom and progress of the
students and their work.  Each day has a goal with the
purpose of personal gain and knowledge.

Students gain confidence as they move up from Pre-K
through Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle  School
and High School.

For more information about Applied Scholastics, see their website:

Study Technology is a learning system that produces a
greatly improved result when used exactly (by "Technology"
is meant methods of application to obtain a specific result).
L. Ron Hubbard, educator, author and humanitarian,
developed Study Technology to help students truly
understand what they study and essentially learn how to
learn. Study Technology is the basis of all Applied
Scholastics programs and teaching methods.

Our grateful acknowledgment to L. Ron Hubbard for his invaluable contribution to the field of education.

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